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Sequence Databases

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences

Human Genome Database

European Bioinformatics Institute

Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database

Genome Sequencing Center


MATDB: Arabidopsis

Sequence and Structure Classification

Compendium of Protein Fingerprints

Database of Alignments and HMMs
A Library of Protein Family Cores
Protein Blocks

Fold Classification and Structural Alignments

Structural Classification of Proteins

Database of Structural Domains

Homologous Structure Alignment Database

Sequence Analysis

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis

Protein Prediction Server

Sequence Profiling Tool

Other Databases

Protein Kinases
Signaling Pathway Database
Other Resources
The Protein SocietyProtein Society
Human Genome Project

International Society for Computational Biology
AgBiotechNet BioLingua

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