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Protein Bibliography Tutorial

Linking protein entries to experimental information in literature that describe or characterize the protein is a crucial part of the protein sequence database. We provide bibliography report for each protein entry that contains both curated and computationally-mapped bibliographic information. The curated bibliography include those already present in the UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot/PIR-PSD/TrEMBL) and those from other curated databases such as Entrez Gene, SGD, and MGI. Also included in the curated bibliography are brief descriptions of information contained in a citation about protein features and/or functions when such annotation is available. (Download the complete PIR/UniProtKB bibliography mapping [167M]).

Direct submission of protein bibliographic information from scientific users is especially encouraged, which will assist in protein functional assignments based on attributed, experimentally verified data, thereby to better serve the scientific community. The submitted information is also included in the bibliography report and used to enhance and validate annotations in protein sequence databases.

Retrieval and Submission Forms
Retrieve a bibliography report using a UniProtKB identifier:

Example: UniProtKB P13866 (sample report)

Submit bibliography via UniProt update page:


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